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Beginner Guide to Make-Up Tools and Their Uses

Beginner Guide to Make-Up Tools and Their Uses

You may have heard the saying, “Your makeup is only as good as your tools.” It’s true that how you put on your makeup makes a big difference in how you look in the end. Still, there are so many kinds of makeup brushes that it can be hard to choose. Kailing Business is among the best makeup brush manufacturers. You won’t even need to look around further for makeup bag wholesale suppliers as you have reached the right place. 


Read on for my guide to makeup brushes, which tells you which ones you need and what each kind can be used for. Plus, all of these brushes are cheap and work well, so you don’t have to spend a lot to build your collection. In the end, I’ll give you some links to brush sets that have most, if not all, of the most important brushes.

Fluffy Powder Brush

Using a fluffy brush will help you apply the setting powder evenly on your skin at the end of your foundation routine. The e.l.f. Beautifully Precise Powder Brush is my favorite of all time. It works well for light, spread-out use. You can use it with blush or bronzer, but I think the size is best for products that cover the whole face.

Contour Brush

Contouring is done with an angled brush to give the face more shape. The fact that the Sonia Kashuk Essential Contour Brush No. 179 can be used with both powder and cream makes it a great choice. The angled shape fits perfectly under the cheekbones, so you can be very precise, and the soft bristles help blend everything out for a smooth look.

Blush Brush

Now, here’s the thing: you can use the same brush to apply both contour and blush, but you probably want to have separate brushes so you don’t mix up the products. Also, as a personal preference, I like to use a blush brush with more flexible bristles to apply lightly so I can build up the color to the intensity I want that day. The Real Techniques Blush Brush is a great tool for putting on blush softly.

Highlight Brush

When it comes to highlighting, you don’t really need a special brush. Even an eyeshadow brush can be used to put a highlighter right where you want it. But the strength of your highlight will depend on the brush you use. The Ulta Tapered Highlight Brush is my favorite highlight brush because it is a good all-arounder. It has a tapered shape so you can use it on different parts of your face with precision. It also has stiff but soft bristles so you can pick up and apply a good amount of product at once while still blending it out nicely.

Blending Sponge

It’s not a brush in the traditional sense, but it can do the work of several brushes at once! My favorite tool for putting on foundation evenly is a blending sponge. It can also be used to put on setting powder and cream products like concealer, liquid blush, and contour. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is my all-time favorite. The flat edge is great for applying paint everywhere and getting into every corner. Always wet your sponge before you use it so that it blends easily and doesn’t soak up your product.

Final Word

There are cheap sets of makeup brushes that come with everything you need to finish your face. Especially if you are just starting out, these can be an easy and cheap way to start your collection. Here is a list of some of my favorite all-in-one brush sets, as well as face-only and eye-only sets, so you can save money by mixing and matching to suit your needs.


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