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5 Simple Steps to Deep Clean Your Cosmetics Bag
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5 Simple Steps to Deep Clean Your Cosmetics Bag

The Essential Guide to Cleaning Your Cosmetic Bags Deeply

The past several years have demonstrated to us the extent to which everything we come into contact with is covered in germs, bacteria, and bugs. We are more concerned than ever with cleanliness and hygiene, washing our hands frequently and making sure that everything we put near our lips and faces is sanitary and clean, including our cosmetics and, more specifically, our cosmetic bag.  

How recently did you clean your cosmetics bag? In a startling investigation, doctors from many nations found that superbugs live in a startling nine out of 10 cosmetics bags. Let us walk you through some easy steps on how to clean a cosmetic bag, wash bag, or vanity case and keep them looking beautiful and germ-free. Our distinctive makeup bags are made to be durable enough to endure years of regular usage and still appear dazzling new. 

How to Clean a Makeup Bag

  1. Empty your bag

Check the expiration date on your items, and throw away anything that has passed it. We cannot emphasize this enough. In order to demonstrate how long you can store cosmetics, how to check the package for expiration dates, and how long they may remain in your makeup bag before getting contaminated, we produced a helpful makeup expiration chart.

  1. Turn your makeup bag inside out

Turning the bag inside out is the greatest way to get into all of its nooks, and keeping the inside of the bag immaculate is more important than the outside when it comes to optimal hygiene practices. Just keep in mind that when you do this, it’s easy to wrinkle the external material. The final section of this article has an excellent crease-busting tip.

  1. Clean the lining

Any filth and outdated makeup that may have accumulated there over time must be removed. All kailingbusiness cosmetic bags wholesale supplier have lined seams to ensure that any spillages stay on the inside of the cosmetics bag rather than all over the contents of your purse.

The simplest method for doing this is to use a fresh, dry toothbrush to reach into every crevice. Then, take off any lingering makeup streaks and smudges with a cotton wool pad soaked in eye makeup remover. Let’s get rid of those bothersome microorganisms now that the interior of your cosmetic bag is pristine. Any home antibacterial spray will do, provided that it doesn’t include chlorine, which will damage your cosmetic bag. All you’ll need is this. Spray it on, then use a dry towel to massage the corners. You only need to wait for it to dry, ideally overnight.

  1. Once it’s dry…

Turn it back over carefully and sprinkle the outside with your antibacterial spray, wiping off any extra with a fresh, dry towel. All of our Green beauty bags, according to Kailingbusiness makeup bag wholesale suppliers, are produced from high-quality waterproof and wipe-clean fabrics and are carefully created to be readily cleaned.

Here’s the wrinkle-busting trick. You only need a regular hairdryer. In order to prevent the dryer from being too hot in one area, set it to the hottest setting and use it to slowly warm the outside cloth. We utilize this trick in our photo sessions to maintain the condition of our cosmetic bags and wash bags because when the cloth of the beauty bag is heated, it somewhat softens and you can simply wipe away the wrinkles!

  1. Keep it regular 

Any cosmetics or wash bag that is regularly used should receive a deep clean once a month, along with a weekly top-up spritz of antibacterial spray. Always make sure the interior of the beauty bag is completely dry before zipping it back up. 


You may even choose to buy yourself a new lipstick or the best brush available from beauty makeup brush manufacturers for your tidy makeup bag. Consider substituting some of your cosmetic products with clean beauty alternatives if you want to be a little bit more environmentally conscientious. 

Today, there are several well-known clean beauty companies that are healthy for the environment and your skin. We choose Kailingbusiness for the finest environmental cosmetics because of its emphasis on natural beauty, and EcoTools produces excellent vegan makeup brushes. Just don’t forget to record the expiration date!


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